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Undiminishing love, but book closed forever…

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Life is augmented with responsibilities, once, renowned as crown jewels on one’s head.

Is it not what we are to run to, please the society, satisfy the guilt, and crave for un-loved?

Is it not what we are to shut ourselves when one needs us the most?

Is it not what we are to ditch someone to please the other?


The imperfections we are in existence, still being loved and cared for;

Strange and magnanimous of being a human. Sometimes we ought to be inhuman.

Is this a mundane affair or extraordinary philosophy in real form?

Self-centered, short-tempered under delay and insecure;

We make mistakes at times blunders, we are out of control hypothetically; it is hardship to handle you and me.


It is the insanity hovering over the same thing, again and again,

Only to realize we are lonely which vicissitudes of fate is.

Keeping the thoughts of past in the curls of distain,

There is always a weed in heart only to mourn with tears of blood;

Realizing this is moron madness! Living with this is as good as ‘brain dead’.



Dig deep inside your heart, hide me where no light penetrates,

Don’t let even the light touch my soul, as mine is only yours.

Never let me go away, hug me tight,

Don’t you ever think of discarding me away, you are what everything I have.


Cremate me deep inside your heart and live the life of soul along with yours,

Yet is frighteningly dark, I have your soul to lit mine up when I shatter, it give me space.

I sleep in darkness alone with tears, missing you for every heartbeat of mine,

I miss…. your warmth, the way you clad me, need your caress when I am on your lap,

The touch of your ever gleaming-lustrous fingers, the mesmerizing happy eyes that loves me the most.


Hey my love, bury me in your heart, keep me safe for yourself,

I am yours and you were mine, only to realize you have gone miles away with someone from being mine.


Written by raghuveeran

June 8, 2017 at 11:29 am

O love! What have you done?

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I am alive but unlike dead,

I am cared but left behind;

I belong to someone but orphan,

I want to be a rover but forlornness is engulfing me.


This feeling, an urge to talk to you;

And then I realise there is nobody by my side.

As you chose to take the hand of another even as our hands were made for each other;

You asked me to accompany you to our last breathe, 

And you made me breathe heavy with unravelling mystery of lonely tears.


Maturity is scornful symphony perhaps, it’s an irony, emotions are just a joke and I have become a bloke,

And you silenced my heart;

And mine made a grave loud cry in pain that I never felt before. 


From trying to be stronger, but I no longer know myself anymore that I lost hope,

I wish someone is there; one another human in this world who could give me a hug and hear my sorrows, and comfort me. 

Only to realise that I am psychologically invalidated by situations;

I am building a brutal self, to emotionally abuse myself with solitary confinement emotionally.


Why did you give up on me? I know you love me…

Your guilt to other and social concern is respectfully addressed with your new beginning.

And how is it addressed toward me? 


My grief is killing my hope, confidence, creativity, individuality;

Soon I shall see light, a hope of life, with a fake façade of being happy for rest of my life.

You are the best part of life, true; it made rest of my life meaningless without you.

Only leftover’s are flesh and blood. 


I don’t blame you for all this, all I communicate is I lost my happiness life. 

Written by raghuveeran

June 6, 2017 at 6:27 pm

…fishermen suffering due to geopolitical aggression

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FISHERMENIn between sea and sea is where we were born,
Both in land and sea we grow.
In between the rich and poor we live,
In between known and incognitos we crawl,
In between A.M. and P.M. we walk.
In between wines we dine,
In between agony and ecstasy we sleep.
In between day and night we lead life; by going between the legs we create life.

In between peace and vendetta we march,
In between pride and humility we become numb.
In between Lanka and India we get killed,
Nobody takes care of us at will.
In between bullets and bombs we admire the shimmer in self,
In between blood and bodies we bathe.

With skulls and flesh our kids play,
With no schools and goals our children dope.
We get kidnapped or arrested by Lankan mates;
We spend rest of our lives with no hope in despair.
Our life gets torn like shirts and nets,
Our fellow men and their boats are taken in cowardly-vice.
Is there someone who hears our voice? Or are our fellow countrymen blind and deaf.

Every fisherman goes to fish in a worry and hope about catching fishes;
We go to fish with uncertainty in our life.
We feed the 2nd most populous country risking our live;
People eat sumptuous fish curries forgetting fellow countrymen’s life lost in the shallows of blue.
At times we think of sinking in the ocean along the tides;
Our wife and kids hallucinate and hummer our minds thus we live.

Birth, life and death have become infamous metaphors;
Weddings, funerals and births have become nothing but a melodrama.
In between bliss and melancholy we think, In between hell and heaven we dwindle;
Hope, fate, luck cast dancing shadows of one’s life.

Awe of waves engulfing us is so gallant;
In between myth and non-fiction world we play our role.
In between land and land is where we fish,
In between sea and sea is where we die.

I would say, you don’t cross your line; they will not cross theirs.

Written by raghuveeran

May 22, 2014 at 12:45 pm

The notion towards men…

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women disappointedIs admiring beauty a crime? Well, most prototypical human creatures around you think so and they are no different from the one’s dwelling in different time zones. WTF! They judge you. A part of guys around appearing as men by nature jaw-drop if a sculptured female wonder created by God pass by. It is ironically an archetypical pattern that our society follows when a guy sees a girl. This dude could be South Indian, North Indian, Italian, Latin American, Caucasian – it does not really matter. He sees, he wonders, he admires the curves, the outer facets and obviously not the heart as he doesn’t know the person.

For example, a man sees a butterfly; he keeps seeing it fly around and round the flower. It is damn colourful. Its wings have beautiful curves; wing spread is broad and fascinating. The design over the wings of a butterfly takes the breath away. It is mesmerizing to look at such beauty on the way. And the gravity dram created by such beauty draws nature’s admirers attention. One can see the butterfly fly for hours with no boredom. In the same way… Understood.

I know that by this time you would be furious at me with armory of questions to be fired at me. Why shouldn’t a guy admire a women or a girl for an instance. Nobody was on the path of the butterfly causing hurdles. It was flying independently being watched. Is it bad to expect from the respected fellow women not to bother about guys admiring them?

How does one know if a person is staring at you or admiring your beauty? Is it not brutal to brand all men seeing beautiful women appreciating what nature has created? And is it not natural for a man to look at a woman? Are you complaining against the greater perspective of god’s notion to naturally fall for each other? It is hormonal reaction for god’s sake and every other sake.simpsons

Well, I would like to make it clear that I do not support oglers. I hate people who spin their eye balls around women’s rack and I do not want fellow men to see women as sex bombs. This is definitely awkwardness. I respect women a lot.

But, restlessly, am I looking at a society of atypical heterogeneous creatures branding males looking at a female as sin? Or is there a single woman in this world who has not looked at any guy with cunning flirtatious ambitions in their mind. It is rational to include facts that all women do admire and stare at guys. But, the gracious men do not complain. Is it natural for men to be gracious creatures or otherwise? There is a question of moral dilemma that I pose to this society for branding men who look at women and admire their beauty. Please at least do not complain if you are not broadminded enough to acknowledge it.

A friend of mine, a North Indian came along to ‘Nanganallur Anjaneyar temple’ (Monkey God in Hindu Mythology), he is normally fascinated by the South Indian culture and the way in which the Tam-Brahm girls drape themselves in silk ‘saree’ (Female Indian clothing) and their décor. Décor in the sense, ‘malli-poo’ (Jasmine) clipped to their hair, ‘Kumkum’ (a powder made from turmeric and bit of slaked lime) on their forehead and beautiful ‘lolakku’ (hollow inverted bucket drops), he saw such girl in the temple and he was admiring her. He was like… Oh my God! Such beauty you created. She saw him, assumingly staring, let a pillar of the temple obscure her from my friend’s sight. This is what happens, Sigh! The thin line between staring and admiration was mistaken at that instance.

 Well, lot of people shall be argumentative with million examples budding in their brains to tear apart this possible way of rational thinking. But one should not forget the fact that hormonal reactions are one biological facet of humanity. If you cannot stare at a butterfly you cannot stare at a woman. An appreciative broadminded person will understand.

Written by raghuveeran

May 21, 2014 at 3:08 pm

You can’t call it like that…

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he heEvery two-toed ling is habituated to speak in certain way, in an accent, and pronunciation based on their native accent. We have to unlearn that native pattern that we follow to learn a new language. It is always a problem when people try to impose their native languages’ sounds into the other.

Every human has a name to be called with. The process of naming our children has deep roots into our culture, more like an enigma and a bit grueling. We concentrate on family members coming to consensus here in India, and our tastes shouldn’t be more divergent, hard realities bite.  I relished the process of choosing a name before a child is born. Who on earth would prefer a name ‘Bhoogambh Kanth’ means ‘Earthquake’s lord’. It’s always like last name is stationary, you have to swing in a surname, pair middles and give a name, which is first name – encompassing these to cook and dish out a name in the name of suggestion, well everybody suggests plethora of insane, moron-magnetic weird names which, even an uncommon non-intellectual, abnormal thinker will not think of and this has become common.

The victims of magnetic instances…

Is it a conundrum? My French friend was trying to pronounce ‘Thrinavukarsu Achuthanandhan’ with almost 7 to 9 glitch’s tried to say something and sputtered with ‘Thiru’ with different sounds, stretching it in all directions and never escaped the escapade he was into. And most of the foreign people including us in foreign lands have literally tough times filling forms and at airport and elsewhere. Understanding the structure of one’s name has become very difficult and calling them or pronouncing them is a bizarre. Idiographic representation of Japanese and Chinese are still more difficult as the transcribing them and furthermore Romanizing the characters curtail the actual sounds.

Well, one of my friends travelled to Japan, his last name was ‘Srinivasan’. Few of his counterparts were baffled that he had ‘san’ as part of his name. My friend was struck in awe! How come they think like this? And how do I explain this? Ambiguity in understanding and difficulty in explaining your culture to another and making them understand in a stipulated time is as hard as sitting over a needle. More to say, a friend ‘Kurian’ was called and remembered and called as ‘Korea’, by our Japanese counterparts. Here, OMG! Ouch! And WTF! Becomes very much applicable… LOL! And most of the time when we call the French by their name they don’t turn back as it’s Indianised and they hardly recognize it as their name. 😛

To live with…

Our ethos mix and match the differences in names, and add their own novelties. There is no plausible way to rectify this but to live with and enjoy such irritants we face and laugh back at what happened.

Written by raghuveeran

May 20, 2014 at 4:46 pm

Rolling baby.. Music in cries.. Cute affairs!

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I have no comparison to that jubilation, I will cherish every moment with my loved ones. The pain my loved one experienced sweltered my heart. I was hearing the screams out of the room, this, I abhor the unseemliness of this painful brawl by my loved one. The screams and cries were tearing my auditory cortex apart. My sweat glands were active I should say, my anticipation was at the size of expanding universe. The adrenalin around me was filled with infinite limits of anxiety, for the first time I was of no help to my loved one but just watch her screaming in pain. The agnostic theist, me, started chanting prayers. My heart beat as fast as a bullet train, and my mind blocked all the mechanical and human made sounds to hear the cry of my special one’s, and then I heard, it was a the new cry, a new voice. It was an elite sound, more beautiful than Asian Koel’s sound.

There I saw those tender limbs and body all grown out in beautiful carves, sculptured like a cute-pie. The eyes were compellingly penetrative. The hearts developed bonding as strong as the ocean currents.

Her cuteness engulfed me into emotional joy-swirls. She saw me, tears from my eyes danced through my cheek. I touched and felt her with sublime joy. She is/was so special to me.

It was my baby girl’s birth, Sri Saanvi!

Written by raghuveeran

May 19, 2014 at 4:51 pm

Situational deviance, I don’t think so…

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Is this world webbed in complex delirium? Or is it just that most people get caught in the webm spun by the society. This fast moving world demands more out of people and makes them gravitate towards object oriented and self-centric characters of oneself. The onus of responsibility has become meaningless with moral values becoming an extinct facet of humanity.

I am struck in Aw! The government bodies are just mere spectators as much as we people, who represent the society. The cult is on everybody’s path; we are just happy being that way as we are, selfish and this we have conveniently labeled as practical.

The so-called modern society has caused pauperism which daunts, because any kind of feelings is rare. Your liking towards the next one has virtually died out. It’s more of reconnoiter to find somebody who treats people well. People do deserve a whistle who work hard for the sake of society or at least who treats another respecting moral values.

I just happened to see a guy clad in torn clothes eating food from ground, dirty ground. My friend and I were hit by what we saw and decided to do some good once in our life by buying food for the person. The person threw down the food and ate from ground. Why did he do like this?

The mind of the affected is smeared with ideology of dissolution and keeps lingering about the aggression the society pushes one into. This makes the place we live look worse than the respectable graveyard.

Is this what a human deserves from the society in terms of treating others?

Is there even a soul trying to change the fundamental degradation of humanness amongst we humans?

Is the heart of humans so battered to reject their own kind in the loops of vicissitudes of fate?

Society for these affected people will be a heartless dwelling hub with no caretakers. This social stigma is pricking but what shall we do about it but move on, is it?

Deviance will be unknown to normal man, which has to be dealt with. Or it becomes a fault, which is unchecked to consciousness of people as this will become the new ordinary and this society will continue perishing with roots deepening. If then, this society would have no power or is ineligible to adjudge or punish as the society by itself has become immoral.

 I can only imagine existence of a perfect cloister of individuals with moral values.

Written by raghuveeran

May 15, 2014 at 3:04 pm

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