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Situational deviance, I don’t think so…

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Is this world webbed in complex delirium? Or is it just that most people get caught in the webm spun by the society. This fast moving world demands more out of people and makes them gravitate towards object oriented and self-centric characters of oneself. The onus of responsibility has become meaningless with moral values becoming an extinct facet of humanity.

I am struck in Aw! The government bodies are just mere spectators as much as we people, who represent the society. The cult is on everybody’s path; we are just happy being that way as we are, selfish and this we have conveniently labeled as practical.

The so-called modern society has caused pauperism which daunts, because any kind of feelings is rare. Your liking towards the next one has virtually died out. It’s more of reconnoiter to find somebody who treats people well. People do deserve a whistle who work hard for the sake of society or at least who treats another respecting moral values.

I just happened to see a guy clad in torn clothes eating food from ground, dirty ground. My friend and I were hit by what we saw and decided to do some good once in our life by buying food for the person. The person threw down the food and ate from ground. Why did he do like this?

The mind of the affected is smeared with ideology of dissolution and keeps lingering about the aggression the society pushes one into. This makes the place we live look worse than the respectable graveyard.

Is this what a human deserves from the society in terms of treating others?

Is there even a soul trying to change the fundamental degradation of humanness amongst we humans?

Is the heart of humans so battered to reject their own kind in the loops of vicissitudes of fate?

Society for these affected people will be a heartless dwelling hub with no caretakers. This social stigma is pricking but what shall we do about it but move on, is it?

Deviance will be unknown to normal man, which has to be dealt with. Or it becomes a fault, which is unchecked to consciousness of people as this will become the new ordinary and this society will continue perishing with roots deepening. If then, this society would have no power or is ineligible to adjudge or punish as the society by itself has become immoral.

 I can only imagine existence of a perfect cloister of individuals with moral values.


Written by raghuveeran

May 15, 2014 at 3:04 pm

Posted in society

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