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…fishermen suffering due to geopolitical aggression

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FISHERMENIn between sea and sea is where we were born,
Both in land and sea we grow.
In between the rich and poor we live,
In between known and incognitos we crawl,
In between A.M. and P.M. we walk.
In between wines we dine,
In between agony and ecstasy we sleep.
In between day and night we lead life; by going between the legs we create life.

In between peace and vendetta we march,
In between pride and humility we become numb.
In between Lanka and India we get killed,
Nobody takes care of us at will.
In between bullets and bombs we admire the shimmer in self,
In between blood and bodies we bathe.

With skulls and flesh our kids play,
With no schools and goals our children dope.
We get kidnapped or arrested by Lankan mates;
We spend rest of our lives with no hope in despair.
Our life gets torn like shirts and nets,
Our fellow men and their boats are taken in cowardly-vice.
Is there someone who hears our voice? Or are our fellow countrymen blind and deaf.

Every fisherman goes to fish in a worry and hope about catching fishes;
We go to fish with uncertainty in our life.
We feed the 2nd most populous country risking our live;
People eat sumptuous fish curries forgetting fellow countrymen’s life lost in the shallows of blue.
At times we think of sinking in the ocean along the tides;
Our wife and kids hallucinate and hummer our minds thus we live.

Birth, life and death have become infamous metaphors;
Weddings, funerals and births have become nothing but a melodrama.
In between bliss and melancholy we think, In between hell and heaven we dwindle;
Hope, fate, luck cast dancing shadows of one’s life.

Awe of waves engulfing us is so gallant;
In between myth and non-fiction world we play our role.
In between land and land is where we fish,
In between sea and sea is where we die.

I would say, you don’t cross your line; they will not cross theirs.


Written by raghuveeran

May 22, 2014 at 12:45 pm

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