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O love! What have you done?

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I am alive but unlike dead,

I am cared but left behind;

I belong to someone but orphan,

I want to be a rover but forlornness is engulfing me.


This feeling, an urge to talk to you;

And then I realise there is nobody by my side.

As you chose to take the hand of another even as our hands were made for each other;

You asked me to accompany you to our last breathe, 

And you made me breathe heavy with unravelling mystery of lonely tears.


Maturity is scornful symphony perhaps, it’s an irony, emotions are just a joke and I have become a bloke,

And you silenced my heart;

And mine made a grave loud cry in pain that I never felt before. 


From trying to be stronger, but I no longer know myself anymore that I lost hope,

I wish someone is there; one another human in this world who could give me a hug and hear my sorrows, and comfort me. 

Only to realise that I am psychologically invalidated by situations;

I am building a brutal self, to emotionally abuse myself with solitary confinement emotionally.


Why did you give up on me? I know you love me…

Your guilt to other and social concern is respectfully addressed with your new beginning.

And how is it addressed toward me? 


My grief is killing my hope, confidence, creativity, individuality;

Soon I shall see light, a hope of life, with a fake façade of being happy for rest of my life.

You are the best part of life, true; it made rest of my life meaningless without you.

Only leftover’s are flesh and blood. 


I don’t blame you for all this, all I communicate is I lost my happiness life. 

Written by raghuveeran

June 6, 2017 at 6:27 pm

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