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The notion towards men…

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women disappointedIs admiring beauty a crime? Well, most prototypical human creatures around you think so and they are no different from the one’s dwelling in different time zones. WTF! They judge you. A part of guys around appearing as men by nature jaw-drop if a sculptured female wonder created by God pass by. It is ironically an archetypical pattern that our society follows when a guy sees a girl. This dude could be South Indian, North Indian, Italian, Latin American, Caucasian – it does not really matter. He sees, he wonders, he admires the curves, the outer facets and obviously not the heart as he doesn’t know the person.

For example, a man sees a butterfly; he keeps seeing it fly around and round the flower. It is damn colourful. Its wings have beautiful curves; wing spread is broad and fascinating. The design over the wings of a butterfly takes the breath away. It is mesmerizing to look at such beauty on the way. And the gravity dram created by such beauty draws nature’s admirers attention. One can see the butterfly fly for hours with no boredom. In the same way… Understood.

I know that by this time you would be furious at me with armory of questions to be fired at me. Why shouldn’t a guy admire a women or a girl for an instance. Nobody was on the path of the butterfly causing hurdles. It was flying independently being watched. Is it bad to expect from the respected fellow women not to bother about guys admiring them?

How does one know if a person is staring at you or admiring your beauty? Is it not brutal to brand all men seeing beautiful women appreciating what nature has created? And is it not natural for a man to look at a woman? Are you complaining against the greater perspective of god’s notion to naturally fall for each other? It is hormonal reaction for god’s sake and every other sake.simpsons

Well, I would like to make it clear that I do not support oglers. I hate people who spin their eye balls around women’s rack and I do not want fellow men to see women as sex bombs. This is definitely awkwardness. I respect women a lot.

But, restlessly, am I looking at a society of atypical heterogeneous creatures branding males looking at a female as sin? Or is there a single woman in this world who has not looked at any guy with cunning flirtatious ambitions in their mind. It is rational to include facts that all women do admire and stare at guys. But, the gracious men do not complain. Is it natural for men to be gracious creatures or otherwise? There is a question of moral dilemma that I pose to this society for branding men who look at women and admire their beauty. Please at least do not complain if you are not broadminded enough to acknowledge it.

A friend of mine, a North Indian came along to ‘Nanganallur Anjaneyar temple’ (Monkey God in Hindu Mythology), he is normally fascinated by the South Indian culture and the way in which the Tam-Brahm girls drape themselves in silk ‘saree’ (Female Indian clothing) and their décor. Décor in the sense, ‘malli-poo’ (Jasmine) clipped to their hair, ‘Kumkum’ (a powder made from turmeric and bit of slaked lime) on their forehead and beautiful ‘lolakku’ (hollow inverted bucket drops), he saw such girl in the temple and he was admiring her. He was like… Oh my God! Such beauty you created. She saw him, assumingly staring, let a pillar of the temple obscure her from my friend’s sight. This is what happens, Sigh! The thin line between staring and admiration was mistaken at that instance.

 Well, lot of people shall be argumentative with million examples budding in their brains to tear apart this possible way of rational thinking. But one should not forget the fact that hormonal reactions are one biological facet of humanity. If you cannot stare at a butterfly you cannot stare at a woman. An appreciative broadminded person will understand.


Written by raghuveeran

May 21, 2014 at 3:08 pm

Are you stalking me?

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…a girl asked me today. My stalking activity is instantly curtailed when I heard a shrilled voice in an ironic tone; at least it appeared so to me.  I cannot take help that is radical. I cannot pursue fast by feet as that might invite dog’s to chase me.

I am not stalking her, it is irrational. Omg! I felt like few are watching me or spatially distributing people in an elliptic axis, is everybody around me watching me? For all of you in life who think stalking is crazy, are you nuts? She was splendid tequila in shape, with mystic eyes, undergoing a frugal cost cutting on the clothes she was in.’ My eyes and brain coordinated well and convened on my thoughts from good and bad me. Ouch! She said. Are you still staring at me? My heart started pounding, the radiance emitted and the pulchritude she possessed was uhh! Indescribable. TO save my face, you are perfectly entitled to have opinions but it won’t be true until I call it so. I guess you should have this as a bookmark in your pages of thinking before you cremate me with your words. It is disappointing how these girls think of themselves. Did I offend you lady, I was apparently walking on the same path as you were on the street, so tighten up. She was disturbed; she started thinking that she’d made a mistake – Advantage me! (wink!). She in her delicate tone with a sweet voice… Sorry! Ah! Then, I introduced myself as a big appatakker (big shot) in R&D in an MNC. She introduced herself, coins kept flipping sides, and words started pouring. Few days went by on the same road… One day she said, you can’t follow me around and walk with me daily and why can’t you just fucking see that I am disturbed. This is not all right. Repercussions! Is she saying that she is disturbed because she likes me and want’s the same upright from me as well? And what if it is not so?  I drifted on unruffled waters for days now that I am seeking asylum in your heart, I said. Are you a moron? She whispered.  If someone sees us they would think differently. Huh! She realizes after days of flirting and lingering on how to take this forward.  You look out at the nature for inspiration on how to live and live together. She gave a freakish look. Do you want to date me? Wise me!  I am now. She smiled.


The dog analogy to this situation might seem a little weird. But let me tell you how I think it applies perfectly. This scenario happens to most eligible bachelors across the world. But perilously the assumed female’s reaction as mentioned is subject to imagination in a guy’s mind, as this was.

I just followed the same path and she stared back.

Written by raghuveeran

July 17, 2013 at 4:39 pm