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Art of pissing!

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Pissing is a natural to all humans. I am literally speaking about pissing or peeing here. Just to make things clear.

Do people have fun while they piss off?

Kids do, and few adults do have fun.

If you roll back into your past… say school days… a lot more younger days… you would have possibly done all wacky stuff involving pissing.







Emotions of pissing!

Before you let off the salt water out of your bladder…


Let it go you moron!

This makes you feel that there is no better things that would satisfy a man’s desires but when you give him space to piss after a hour wait for the bladder to burst off… Omg! That heavenly feel is terrific. One would feel like he has got everything in life.

4Life is… Uhh! I pissed.


Have you wondered? Why men experience piss/pee shiver?

It is brutal science.

One theory is that when you eject the fluid the thermodynamic equilibrium of the body gets disturbed as lot of heat is let off and the brain shakes you to bring back to the equilibrium.

The other theory is that, when one actually urinates, brain relaxes the valves and tenses the bladder. This unconscious process involves fairly hardcore brain chemicals, and the more we have to hold in, the more of those chemicals the brain has to put out to make sure we don’t have an accident of uncontrolled pissing all over the place.


Types of pissing…

One may damage walls, the empty grounds… kids go to an extent of finding what is the longest distance their trajectory of piss could go. And you will make a mess of the place.


Omg! This is the longest I have ever gone. This feel would have made one feel, when one had been a kid as if he have gone to space on a rocket. The touch down!




Ouch! It is so unfair… How did this happen? I was concentrating on this damn thing and still it did not obey the orders. It sometimes upsets people when it drips over the trousers. Yuk!


 Ah! Oh! I have left the door open as it was urgent and somebody peeped in… Holy Shit! Did that person see it?


Incidentally, accidentally it became a scrambled erratum.

And the shock has caused more damage…  

Just for gag! Happy Pissing.


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August 16, 2013 at 1:15 pm

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Innovations and variations in today’s corporate world

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Innovation drives variation, and variety is the key to successful adaptation. But demand for efficiency reduces variation. The idea generation, idea choice and execution of the very idea and idea diffusion are key elementary limits for the successful creation of variation and adoption.

  • There is no ideal solution to a problem; it can simply be the one that is best available at that time. And if an idea plantation suffices the need, it suffices the concept.
  • Consequently, we lean more toward iterative process, re-engineering, reverse engineering, rather than pure development.
  • Ideas plantation needs collaborative networks, a team work. The sooner we can enlist the network the more likely we are to come up with new seeds to sow.

Positive Deviance in corporations/organization powers them to plough through the unruffled environments. Let us make comparison between deviance in the growth of cities and the system in place in most of the corporations.

It is an empirical fact that most of the people live forever (Life). Corporations have only half-life literally in comparison with a human’s life. The explanation has to do with the self-organizing and emergent nature of an individual on comparison with companies. Individuals are in the cycle of decline and ascendance. But the complex interplay between an individual’s heterogeneous elements fosters continuing variation and adaptation. Multi-National Corporations, in the name of efficiency, suppress variation by “getting all the ducks in line.” To optimize productivity, they plague subordinates with numbers and are internally consistent with operating ways. Payoff results-as long as the music lasts. Sometimes or many at times it stabs you back.

Emerging competitors and mid-growing industries or technological parks that are in the limits of streamlining and those which are in the limits of re-engineering, limit variety/diversity, suppress self-organization by those closest to the disruptive change, and curtail a bottom-up emergent response to cope more effectively. And the fears of disruptive change leave them helpless. Also, over-adaptive organizations become inflexible. One must understand that at corporate level no idea is a mad-play. Ideas can sometimes be unfeasible to carry out but one should carefully study and analyze the result before dismissing it. At the same time, if an idea is sown at a wrong place in a wrong time, the gravity of the issues and effects will be spiraling.

The problem of not having deviants is not purely of technical. But the lack of behavioral or/and social change. The problem is obstinate in the minds of people. Positive deviants have to exist by thought to appreciate the idea and nurture it and guide it, for which local leadership’s commitment to discuss the issue and ability to understand the current structures and change its metamorphism is of need.

Efficiency and innovation are different routes, and you can’t achieve both at the same very well. Efficiency by definition curtails variation or in other words saturates the degree to which variations are or reduces number of variations in the platform linearly. And yet, variation is the one thing that allows us to adapt to uncertain environments which is nothing but deploying the idea by measuring the efficacy.

The Positive Deviance approach is an object-oriented, solution based and collectively driven approach that enables the community to discover these successful behaviors and strategies and develop a plan of action to promote their adoption by all concerned.

In other words, instead of ignoring the ideas/people outside the standard deviation sketch, one should seek it out.  Once one has found them, one should try to see how they are able to do well in highly constrained circumstances. Then we take what we learn and apply it elsewhere.

How one can make innovation possible?

  • Talk to people
  • Hire a diverse workforce
  • Collect ideas
  • Build on existing ideas
  • Bring out novel ideas
  • Give protection for the idea to expand with optimism
  • Study and analyze the ideas
  • Combine like/unlike ideas appropriately

We shall not be cynic. We do need variety, experimentation and a willingness to take smart risks is business. We also need to imbibe that very character and sow it among our peers or co-workers. Failures can happen in the process but that is not the end of staircase to climb. This is how frugal engineering must be sculptured.

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July 22, 2013 at 2:24 pm

Are you stalking me?

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…a girl asked me today. My stalking activity is instantly curtailed when I heard a shrilled voice in an ironic tone; at least it appeared so to me.  I cannot take help that is radical. I cannot pursue fast by feet as that might invite dog’s to chase me.

I am not stalking her, it is irrational. Omg! I felt like few are watching me or spatially distributing people in an elliptic axis, is everybody around me watching me? For all of you in life who think stalking is crazy, are you nuts? She was splendid tequila in shape, with mystic eyes, undergoing a frugal cost cutting on the clothes she was in.’ My eyes and brain coordinated well and convened on my thoughts from good and bad me. Ouch! She said. Are you still staring at me? My heart started pounding, the radiance emitted and the pulchritude she possessed was uhh! Indescribable. TO save my face, you are perfectly entitled to have opinions but it won’t be true until I call it so. I guess you should have this as a bookmark in your pages of thinking before you cremate me with your words. It is disappointing how these girls think of themselves. Did I offend you lady, I was apparently walking on the same path as you were on the street, so tighten up. She was disturbed; she started thinking that she’d made a mistake – Advantage me! (wink!). She in her delicate tone with a sweet voice… Sorry! Ah! Then, I introduced myself as a big appatakker (big shot) in R&D in an MNC. She introduced herself, coins kept flipping sides, and words started pouring. Few days went by on the same road… One day she said, you can’t follow me around and walk with me daily and why can’t you just fucking see that I am disturbed. This is not all right. Repercussions! Is she saying that she is disturbed because she likes me and want’s the same upright from me as well? And what if it is not so?  I drifted on unruffled waters for days now that I am seeking asylum in your heart, I said. Are you a moron? She whispered.  If someone sees us they would think differently. Huh! She realizes after days of flirting and lingering on how to take this forward.  You look out at the nature for inspiration on how to live and live together. She gave a freakish look. Do you want to date me? Wise me!  I am now. She smiled.


The dog analogy to this situation might seem a little weird. But let me tell you how I think it applies perfectly. This scenario happens to most eligible bachelors across the world. But perilously the assumed female’s reaction as mentioned is subject to imagination in a guy’s mind, as this was.

I just followed the same path and she stared back.

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July 17, 2013 at 4:39 pm

A spectacle

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More you look into a person, the more you see yourself in.

The more you perceive about the person, the more you see yourself.

The more you see yourself as another person in a person,

the more you get deceived when you see the other.

The more you get deceived from what you imagined the other to be,

more different the person whom you see become.


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