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Rolling baby.. Music in cries.. Cute affairs!

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I have no comparison to that jubilation, I will cherish every moment with my loved ones. The pain my loved one experienced sweltered my heart. I was hearing the screams out of the room, this, I abhor the unseemliness of this painful brawl by my loved one. The screams and cries were tearing my auditory cortex apart. My sweat glands were active I should say, my anticipation was at the size of expanding universe. The adrenalin around me was filled with infinite limits of anxiety, for the first time I was of no help to my loved one but just watch her screaming in pain. The agnostic theist, me, started chanting prayers. My heart beat as fast as a bullet train, and my mind blocked all the mechanical and human made sounds to hear the cry of my special one’s, and then I heard, it was a the new cry, a new voice. It was an elite sound, more beautiful than Asian Koel’s sound.

There I saw those tender limbs and body all grown out in beautiful carves, sculptured like a cute-pie. The eyes were compellingly penetrative. The hearts developed bonding as strong as the ocean currents.

Her cuteness engulfed me into emotional joy-swirls. She saw me, tears from my eyes danced through my cheek. I touched and felt her with sublime joy. She is/was so special to me.

It was my baby girl’s birth, Sri Saanvi!


Written by raghuveeran

May 19, 2014 at 4:51 pm