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You can’t call it like that…

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he heEvery two-toed ling is habituated to speak in certain way, in an accent, and pronunciation based on their native accent. We have to unlearn that native pattern that we follow to learn a new language. It is always a problem when people try to impose their native languages’ sounds into the other.

Every human has a name to be called with. The process of naming our children has deep roots into our culture, more like an enigma and a bit grueling. We concentrate on family members coming to consensus here in India, and our tastes shouldn’t be more divergent, hard realities bite.  I relished the process of choosing a name before a child is born. Who on earth would prefer a name ‘Bhoogambh Kanth’ means ‘Earthquake’s lord’. It’s always like last name is stationary, you have to swing in a surname, pair middles and give a name, which is first name – encompassing these to cook and dish out a name in the name of suggestion, well everybody suggests plethora of insane, moron-magnetic weird names which, even an uncommon non-intellectual, abnormal thinker will not think of and this has become common.

The victims of magnetic instances…

Is it a conundrum? My French friend was trying to pronounce ‘Thrinavukarsu Achuthanandhan’ with almost 7 to 9 glitch’s tried to say something and sputtered with ‘Thiru’ with different sounds, stretching it in all directions and never escaped the escapade he was into. And most of the foreign people including us in foreign lands have literally tough times filling forms and at airport and elsewhere. Understanding the structure of one’s name has become very difficult and calling them or pronouncing them is a bizarre. Idiographic representation of Japanese and Chinese are still more difficult as the transcribing them and furthermore Romanizing the characters curtail the actual sounds.

Well, one of my friends travelled to Japan, his last name was ‘Srinivasan’. Few of his counterparts were baffled that he had ‘san’ as part of his name. My friend was struck in awe! How come they think like this? And how do I explain this? Ambiguity in understanding and difficulty in explaining your culture to another and making them understand in a stipulated time is as hard as sitting over a needle. More to say, a friend ‘Kurian’ was called and remembered and called as ‘Korea’, by our Japanese counterparts. Here, OMG! Ouch! And WTF! Becomes very much applicable… LOL! And most of the time when we call the French by their name they don’t turn back as it’s Indianised and they hardly recognize it as their name. 😛

To live with…

Our ethos mix and match the differences in names, and add their own novelties. There is no plausible way to rectify this but to live with and enjoy such irritants we face and laugh back at what happened.


Written by raghuveeran

May 20, 2014 at 4:46 pm